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Fernie Brewing Company, Fernie BC’s only craft microbrewery, recently introduced its two most popular beers in cans.

“We are very excited about offering our product in cans,” said Murray Pask, Fernie Brewing Company. “This will ensure the delivery of the freshest possible beer to everyone.”

Fernie Brewing is only the second microbrewery in Canada to offer cans. When the can made its commercial appearance in 1935, the beer can was high style, considered a marvel and a miracle. No more lugging beer home in heavy jugs or breakable bottles. It fit easily in that other newfangled contraption, the refrigerator, and you tossed it when you were done. Today more beer is sold in cans than bottles.

Cans are user-friendly. They stack well in coolers; they chill quickly and are welcomed in many places where bottles often are not—around swimming pools, marinas and beaches, camping, fishing, on boats, ball parks and golf courses and aboard commercial airplanes.

Fernie Brewing’s canning system was purchased from Cask Brewing Systems Inc. of Calgary, Alberta. “Cask supplies small scale brewers and packagers world wide,” said Kersten Kloss, Western North American Sales Manager. “We are at the forefront of the development of micro-canning of carbonated beverages like beer”.

Other suppliers included Ball Corporation, the world’s largest producer of aluminum cans, and Savage Marketing, a local creative shop, provided the package design and copy.  “Fernie Brewing helps position Fernie as a leading mountain community”, said Dan Savage, Director.  “The cans are effective billboards for the tourism community”.

Fernie Brewing is making the cans available throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Those visiting Fernie this year are strongly encouraged to sample the local fares, from a brewery that is fast becoming renown for its quality and unique flavours.

About Fernie Brewing Company

The town of Fernie has a vibrant and renown history of producing great beer that began in the early 1900’s. The tradition continues today with Fernie Brewing Company, a small batch brewery driven by a passion and pride about beermaking.

They brew truly handcrafted ales and lagers, enhancing recipes to produce unique beers. Their beer is brewed with a combination of high-quality malted barley, imported hops, Rocky Mountain spring water, and yeast that yields great tasting beer.

First Trax epitomizes what Fernie is all about, a legendary mountain experience. This Brown Ale is soft, well rounded, and brewed with all British specialty malts and hops. It’s a malty balanced brew with hints of chocolate and nutty undertones.

The Griz is Fernie’s legendary mountain man.  This Pale Ale, brewed in his honour, is a traditional pale ale brewed with a soft malt accent produced by using the finest imported malts and hops. Its deep amber colour is accentuated by a soft hop nose and balanced finish.

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