The City of Fernie hired Innova Strategy Group, a Vancouver based consulting group, to evaluate the operational effectiveness of the City. The review is now available to the public.

The details are not surprising and the recommendations are certainly attainable with stronger leadership. Identifying an organizations strengths, weaknesses and recommended solutions can yield positive results.

Innova suggests their recommendations may seem daunting, and suggests that when the leadership team is in place and operating as a cohesive unit, it will be much easier to find solutions to the operational, process, and procedural issues. Stronger leadership will lead to increased efficiencies in the organization, freeing up capacity to increase service levels.

The report outlines the City’s specific concerns and strengths and provides recommendations for the City to achieve future success.

Innova also complements all involved and points to the potential for the City to be a great organization and an employer of choice in the future.

They interviewed 19 employees, union officials, and elected officials in September of 2021 and undertook a thorough analysis of background data and information provided by the City.

See the full Review here.

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