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Bruce Cockburn will perform a special JumboWild benefit concert on October 2, 2008 in Fort Steele Heritage Town. Tickets went on sale just a few weeks ago, but the 490-seat Wild Horse Theatre has been sold out. Or very nearly.

“There are a few tickets remaining in West Kootenay outlets,” said Dave Quinn, a Wildsight program manager. “But all the East Kootenay tickets are spoken for.”

Quinn said that fans of Cockburn and supporters of JumboWild can still get tickets, though—for the best seats in the house and for the thrill of meeting Cockburn after the concert.

“The last tickets are the auction tickets for the front two rows,” Quinn said. “We already have a number of strong bids for these, but some are still up for grabs. These special tickets include the chance to meet Bruce after the show—a wonderful opportunity for long-time fans of Cockburn’s music.”


“You still have until September 20 to place your bid in the Front Row Centre Auction,” Quinn said. “It’s easy to do—go to to find out all the details.”

Quinn, like all supporters of JumboWild, hopes for a local resolution to the ongoing glacier resort debate.

“The provincial government promised residents of the East Kootenay that the decision would be kept local,” Quinn said. “We hope the excitement and renewed commitment this concert generates will encourage government leaders to honour that promise.

“Interest in this benefit concert has been overwhelming, to say the least,” he added. “Kootenay residents are standing behind their calls to keep the Jumbo Valley wild and for the province to stick to its promise to have the final decision on this longstanding controversy made locally.”

Bruce Cockburn JumboWild Benefit Concert
Wild Horse Theatre • Fort Steele Heritage Town
Thursday October 2 • Doors open at 7pm • Show time is 8pm
Want to keep the Jumbo Valley mega-resort-free? Come out and support the JumboWild campaign and hear Bruce Cockburn play live! It’s the Bruce Cockburn JumboWild Benefit Concert, and it’s coming on October 2, 2008.

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