All In Skier Services

All In Skier Services, Fernie’s on-mountain destination for skiing needs, is excited to announce an array of new services and special offerings for the upcoming 2023/24 ski season.

As part of their commitment to enhancing the skiing experience for valued customers, All In Skier Services is introducing the following exciting features:

Ski Valet / Ski Concierge Services: Customers can simplify their skiing experience with the new Ski Valet and Ski Concierge services. For just $5, skiers can leave their skis at the shop overnight, eliminating the hassle of hauling equipment back to accommodations. As a bonus, customers can enjoy $5 off any tuning services when utilizing secure and convenient ski storage. This added convenience is designed to elevate the skiing adventure, allowing skiers to focus on the slopes rather than lugging around gear.

All In Skier Services

Monthly and Seasonal Rental Rates: All In Skier Services is introducing new special rates for extended ski equipment rentals. Customers can take advantage of Monthly and Seasonal Rental Rates, which include unlimited exchanges of skis throughout the rental period. To ensure optimal performance on the slopes, weekly tuning services are also provided as part of these extended rental packages. Whether skiers are seasonal or planning an extended mountain getaway, rental options are tailored to meet their needs.

Extended Operating Hours: Responding to the needs of the skiing community, All In Skier Services is pleased to announce extended operating hours for the 2023/24 ski season. The shop is now open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM every day of the ski season. This change allows customers to access top-notch services at more convenient times, ensuring flexibility in fitting skiing preparations and equipment needs into their schedules seamlessly.

Expanded Ski Rental Offering: All In Skier Services has not only refreshed their fleet with more of the newest and best gear from Blizzard and Nordica but has also expanded their selection of skis to offer more variety, especially in the carving ski and on-piste category.

At All In Skier Services, the commitment remains strong to providing unparalleled customer service and enhancing the overall skiing experience.

These new offerings for the 2023/24 ski season underscore the dedication to making time on the slopes as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

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