Last Saturday night at 6 a crack appeared in the wall of our isolation.

To be truthful, and historically accurate, the crack first appeared the previous Saturday when Tim and Sage of Shred Kelley staged a Mini Concert in Annex Park (the original 2020 weekend of Wapiti). Perched on the knoll next to the duck pond, they played to an audience of 40 in socially distant defined white circles. Their tent pagoda like on the crest of the knoll.

This Saturday, they reprised the event with Red Girl. Mike and Anni’s harmonies, honed over almost two decades of playing together, were the perfect opening to the Vancouver house ripping band Small Town Artillery. Led by two brothers originally from Kaslo, they revelled in the similar small town, big mountain view of Fernie. Tom’s guitar riffs and the driving beat of Derek’s drums melded with a smoky sax and a soul-cutting trumpet. The music carried far beyond the knoll and brought us back to life.

The cracks in the wall were clear at the end of the night.

For those with any doubts. The crack will be blown wide open with next Saturday’s Tiny Concert and the full Shred Kelly on the knoll.

We have music again.

Click here for more information and tickets.

By Keith Liggett

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