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With disasters striking around the world, hurricanes in the Caribbean, earthquakes in Mexico, severe flooding in Nepal and Bangladesh, The Fernie Rotary Club has set up a ShelterBox fundraising page to help those in need of shelter. Their goal is to raise $4800 to contribute vital aid to support families in devastated regions. If they reach this contribution level, it will mean that up to 30 families who have lost their homes, and likely everything they own, will have shelter and supplies to rebuild their lives.

ShelterBox is a Rotary International project partner that provides emergency shelter in the form of heavy-duty tents, or ShelterKits (tarps, tools and building materials), as well as supplies such as water purification kits, blankets, tools, and other necessities to help a family survive and recover after a disaster.

Andre Bloemink (pictured above), a Fernie resident, has recently been appointed as the National Volunteer Coordinator for ShelterBox Canada. He has previously been deployed on several overseas aid missions with ShelterBox as a volunteer. Andre commented, “Thank you to The Fernie Rotary Club and all your supporters. Fernie is helping ShelterBox Canada make a difference in the world. Thanks everyone.”

More About ShelterBox
ShelterBox is often among the first on the ground providing shelter to devastated families and communities after disaster strikes. After suffering the wrath of Hurricane Irma, the Caribbean is once again being pummeled. The arrival of Category 5 Hurricane Maria makes this one of the most ferocious hurricane seasons ever recorded. ShelterBox is currently coordinating the provision of aid across five countries, including Antigua and Barbuda, and the British Virgin Islands. A team is also on its way to the island of Dominica, which has seen massive devastation from Hurricane Maria. They have a variety of aid in the Caribbean, to tailor response to best support different communities. On some islands, there will be the natural resources available to quickly rebuild homes with the help of a ShelterKit. Elsewhere, their tents will be the best option – creating a warm, safe home while the long clean-up process takes place. But it’s not just the Caribbean that has been affected by extreme weather. Torrential flooding in Nepal and Bangladesh has left communities in urgent need of aid. Their teams are on the ground in both countries now, but the need is overwhelming. They’re impatient to respond – wherever they’re needed in the world – but they need your help.

Donate Now
To join the Fernie Rotary Club’s efforts to support Shelterbox help families in need, donate HERE.

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