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Wildsight works locally, regionally and globally to protect biodiversity and encourage sustainable communities in Canada’s Columbia and southern Rocky Mountain region.

We care about our home. Not just the homes we live in, but the ecological home that supports all life, all industry and all of us. That’s why we work hard for healthy human communities and healthy wild spaces here, in Canada’s Columbia and Rocky Mountains ecoregions.

We focus on three core areas:

  • The southern Canadian Rocky Mountains;
  • The upper Columbia River Valley;
  • The Columbia Mountains.

This land, its mountains, glaciers, watersheds and wetlands, need special attention because they are among the most ecologically-rich in the world.

They are home to us and home to Western North America’s most diverse large mammal populations — the Crown of the Continent. Together, this land provides critical connectivity.

Our work focuses on:

  • Protecting the high ecological values of the our region for the long-term viability of our communities and to ensure that the region continues to be one of the richest ecological areas in the world
  • Strengthening ties with other sector groups, First Nations and industry to ensure that environmental protection is supported by a broad constituency
  • Participating effectively in government and community processes to promote the protection of biodiversity
  • Organizing outreach programs and media campaigns to increase public understanding and support
  • Partnering with environmental organizations from BC, the US and other parts of the world to ensure that local work ties in with provincial and international strategies
  • Creating and delivering educational programs to schools and the public
  • Coordinating scientific research programs on endangered species

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