Park Place Lodge is the brainchild of Dan Savage, a proud resident of Fernie, British Columbia. Dan firmly believes that rural living offers unparalleled happiness, and he emphasizes the benefits of an outdoor mountain lifestyle. This philosophy has been the guiding force in Dan’s life.

In May 2018, Dan received a cancer diagnosis, leading to a grueling six-hour surgery in July and 30 radiation treatments. Reflecting on this challenging journey, Dan comments, “Being a cancer survivor has transformed my perspective, making every day sweeter than ever. I am dedicated to making the most of each moment!”

Dan is also the founder of Savage Marketing, a firm specializing in strategic marketing, public relations, and internet-based businesses based in Fernie. His business is built on the core principles of active living, outdoor recreation, adventure, and an urban aesthetic. Dan’s passion for outdoor living led him to leave urban life behind and embrace the Kootenays for the past 25 years.

Dan’s journey began in Vancouver with a sports marketing group closely tied to the growth of Whistler and the extreme sports movement. A knee injury prompted his move to Toronto, where he ventured into the corporate side of advertising and promotions. During his time in Toronto, he initioated a 20-year relationship with Warren Miller Canada, where he published SnoWorld Magazine, directed film shoots, managed sponsors and shows, and seized every opportunity to ski. Eventually, this path led him to Fernie.

Dan’s introduction to Fernie occurred during a media-related trip to Island Lake in 1992. Followed by a stint in Calgary beginning in 1994, he was a Fernie weekender, and then made the move full time in 1998. Since then, Dan has been busy renovating historic buildings, publishing books and magazines, managing World Cup ski events, TransRockies and Canada Cup mountain biking events, branding and launching real estate projects, and overseeing an active website portfolio.

Today, you can find Dan enjoying a quality mountain lifestyle, enjoying rural living and simply reveling in the natural beauty and fine people of the Kootenays.

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