Sell: Ski Boots, Nordica Supercharger Blower

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    Boots are used but in good condition.

    Size: 28 (US: 10, 10.5)
    Price: 200 $ o.n.o.

    The Supercharger Blower is Nordica’s top of the line Freeride boot. Basically this boot provides everything that a race boot would; stiff, narrow and great performance with a bit of a twist. The liners in these boots are a bit softer and more forgiving allowing the skier to be more comfortable. Also with the addition of a full shock erasing boot board these boot allow you to stomp big drops with comfort.

    I also sell my skis (Line Mothership, 182 cm).
    For more information, please contact me.

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    Hi. You wouldn’t happen to still have the boots, would you?

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