Rental Needed for Professional Couple with 2 kids looking for 2+ bed

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    Carl Baker

    Hello there, Please Help Rental Needed.
    My Name is Carl Baker and Wife Sabina, we have 2 kids 11 and 9 years old who will be starting school in Fernie 1st of September of which we hope to move into our property a week or two before then. Please contact if you feel you may have a property that may be suitalble,

    We are 38 years old and have been running our own practice for 12 years of which we have recently sold and looking for a lifestyle change with the kids.
    Currently living in Ottawa.
    our contact Number is ph 1-819-664-1953

    kind regards,
    Carl and Sabina


    Hello, I have a 2 bedroom bungalow for rent as of September 30th. It includes a beautiful big garden. With view towards mountain. It also has an attached garage. It is unfurnished but I do have twin bunk bed for kids in storage there if needed. The laundry is shared with downstairs tenant. The rent is $1400 which will include utilities/ heat and may have already found something. This house is two blocks from elementary school and two blocks from downtown. Very walker friendly.You can email for further information formation at :

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