In need of a room to rent Nov-April!

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      Hi everyone! I’m Elisa, an Aussie girl heading over to Fernie to work a winter season and am after a room to rent from November to April. I’ve lived in quite a few share houses so am very clean and respectful.
      Also down to start a new house if others are also looking for a rental around this time.
      Thanks 🙂

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      Hey Elisa,

      I’m Jocelyn, 23, Canadian and also looking for a room to rent for that time. I’ve lived a few shared houses and had plenty of room mates as well and definitely appreciate cleanliness and respect. It’ll be my second season there and I’m keen to continue the adventures. My budget is pretty modest so it’s proving difficult to find a place alone, but with another person it could be easier. I’m a super cool cucumber who just wants to play outside and make new friends.

      If you’re interested send me a message request on facebook (jocelyn nielsen, red sweater, yellow earings, snow on the side of the road), or here works too.

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