Hit and Run – Friday March 23 – Outside Freshies

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      So my little red truck got hit on Friday, middle of the day, right on the main drag.

      I’m looking for a vehicle that is either two-tone white-bottom black-top or white with a black stripe. I would guess the damage would be to the right front corner of their vehicle and should have some rust-red paint from my truck in the impact area.

      I’m not that angry about the damage, I’m just not impressed that whoever did this just took off and for that I’d like to have them BUSTED.

      Any leads give me a call: Kevin 425-0496

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      yeah, id like to second this e-mail to the arse who backed into my brand new car in the top “rv parking lot”it was a long time ago (january)but it still burns my ass, you had to know that you hit me, and dented my car, but you did nothing about it…that is crap..there is nothing i can do about it, but pay for it myself..

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      Take it into your own hands. I had my truck stolen right from the Ambulance station while I stood right there. I called the RCMP. They had one car on for the valley. They did what they could. I phoned every gas station with in 30 minutes of Fernie. I tracked my cell phone and credit cards on the net. with in 25 minutes we had their location and direction of Travel. We phoned Crows nest RCMP and they set a trap and caught the suspects without really damaging my truck. You were in front of Freshies they have a web cam on that street check the camera. and look for matching vehicles.

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      yea adventuresource thats what I’m doing…

      the cameras do not get recorded so they are no help.

      still looking… finding the matching vehicle is my best bet, I have my eyes open.

      nice work on getting your truck back! I’m glad mine wasn’t stolen!! (sorry to hear about your dog chain)

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