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Couple looking for room to rent

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      Jesse Telford (28) and myself (26) are looking for a room in a share house in Fernie. We spent the last 6 months travelling around Canada in a van and are very ready to settle. We are a friendly, respectful, relaxed couple from Australia. We love enjoying nature, hiking, canoeing, biking, camping, board games, cooking and eating great food. We are not big partiers or drinkers but do enjoy a chilled beer or wine every now and then.
      We have lived in many share house arrangements in Australia and enjoy and understand a shared space.
      We have no pets but love animals. If possible we would prefer a furnished room.
      We are looking for avaibilty from early September to April.
      We can provide realestate references if required.
      Thank you and please message me if you have a space for us to call home.

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