SOLD – 1954 Mercury M-100 pickup

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      Jack Cunliff is the owner of this beautiful 1954 Mercury M-100 pickup that is a creative blend of stock and custom features.

      • Driven 1,700 kilometers since rebuild
      • Mustang 2 front end
      • Ford rear end
      • Power steering and brakes
      • C6 transmission 8”
      • 302 motor
      • Powder coated frame

      Asking: $43,500

      A 1954 Mercury M-100 ½ ton pickup bears a strong resemblance to a 1954 Ford F-100 pickup in stock form. The badges and tailgate name were the primary way to identify a Canuck truck like the Mercury in 1954.

      Mercury trucks have always been a source of conversation at car shows because Ford of Canada stopped production on these rare Canuck pickups in March, 1968. The end of the Mercury truck was part of the 1965 Auto Pact agreement that essentially integrated Canada and the United States automotive manufacturing market.

      Contact jack at 250-423-1031

Viewing 0 reply threads
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