On March 10, Prime Minister Trudeau and President Obama will be sitting down together at a special state dinner to discuss issues important on both sides of our shared border.

Trudeau & Obama

This is an incredible opportunity to advance the campaign to protect the Flathead Valley and the Crown of the Continent, and get large-landscape transboundary conservation on the radar for both our heads of state.


Take action to help make sure transboundary conservation in the Crown of the Continent gets on the agenda for this meeting!

Many years ago, Obama spoke of the importance of the region on the campaign trail before he became president, and former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s federal government had begun efforts to enhance protection in the early 2000s. In the face of a changing climate, now is the time for renewed commitment to protecting the internationally-significant wilderness values of this region.

With the upcoming Centennial of the US National Parks Service and Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017, now is the time for our countries to show their joint commitment to conservation in this magnificent landscape.

Advance protection for the Flathead here.

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