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A warm sun, great music, happy people, good food and entertainment, nothing could have made the day more special.

This Canada Day was the best ever thanks to the efforts of the City of Fernie’s Allan Knibbs and Sharon Switzer, Oz Parsons from the Arts Station, Councillor Aaron Goos and a myriad of volunteers and staff people.

The day began at one in the afternoon and ended at nearly midnight after fantastic fireworks.

People came and stayed the entire day to enjoy the musical entertainment, the mountain market, food concessions and bouncy castles for the kids. There were tents for young mothers and babies, a kids’ tent and a large tent with chairs for those wanting to stay out of the sun. A beer tent fund raiser for the Heritage Cemetery and a delightful baby crawling contest.

It was comical to see little ones with one parent on the starting end and one on the other side trying to entice the child to move towards them. One cutie just lay on its tummy and watched the proceedings while another one raced quickly to towards the end but stopped for a leisurely rest just inches away finally but finally after some coaxing he swung a little leg over to win third prize.

The day was enjoyed by people of all ages, from infancy to senior’s in their nineties. It was a wonderful sight to behold our community and many visitors enjoy a day of national pride. Canada is a great country to live in, all that do reside here are extremely fortunate to be able to call this magnificent place home.

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