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As sustainability and responsible water usage become increasingly important, golfers are seeking ways to minimize their environmental impact. The Fernie Golf Club Water Conservation Project aims to reduce water usage and create a net benefit to the local ecosystem.

The Fernie Golf Club is excited to begin the second year of their water conservation project and remains committed to protecting the environment. In 2023, the replacement of sprinkler heads and conversion motors saved over 800,000 liters of water.

Last year, the Fernie Golf Club partnered with local businesses on a 3-year project to replace over 600 sprinkler heads with new conversion motors. In the first year, with the assistance of partners, they replaced 120 sprinkler motors, demonstrating that small changes can have a significant impact.

The most significant improvement they could make was updating the 40-year-old sprinkler system with modern technology. Sprinklers with conversion motors offer adjustable coverage areas, patterns, and timing, providing more control over water consumption.

The Fernie Golf Club continues to focus on managing an environmentally friendly course and has collaborated with the Elk River Alliance to ensure that fertilizers and pesticides used are earth-friendly.

The following partners are working together to make the Water Conservation Project a reality: Teck, Fernie RV Resort, Bearspaw Contracting, Kootenay Signs, Foothills Silviculture, NWP Coal Canada Ltd, Fernie Auto Parts, Hourglass Window Cleaning, Nupqu, Eldho’s Independent, SMS, and Komatsu.

The Fernie Golf Club’s evergreen-lined fairways and mountain backdrops make the par-70 course one of the most picturesque in North America.

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