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A new and exciting product has hit the streets of Fernie promising to be a valued tool in every household, business and accommodation: Fernie Direct. This collection of local phone numbers has created an attractive, effortless and quick approach to finding any number one might be in need of. Emergency contacts, community organizations and associations, business and personal listings are all included and painless to read and find. Fernie Direct is also online at, allowing people to search for numbers as well as update their personal or business information for the next issue. Fernie residents and visitors will be directed to this site through and, two of the highest traffic website portals for Fernie.

The trend for small tourist destinations to build their own phonebooks is becoming a popular one, especially for those that rely on the tourist industry economically. Being included in a larger, regionally focused phonebook does not foster the attention and growth essential to tourist destinations. The town itself and its businesses are lost in a collage of listings and phone numbers, and listings can often be incorrect and impersonal. By building a phonebook locally, businesses are offered direct access to a very targeted market and the community itself continues to utilize its name, strengthening awareness of its brand.

The timing of Fernie Direct could not be better for Fernie. It is becoming clear with each winter season that word is out on Fernie’s champagne powder and extensive terrain. More notably, people have discovered the beauty and adventure offered in the warmer months in the valley, causing the streets of Fernie to hum with activity as bikers, hikers, golfers and fishing enthusiasts swarm. Locals are proud of their community and appreciate having a functional product that represents “Fernie” well. Fernie Direct is just that: a product that effectively communicates what Fernie is while providing residents and tourists a useful tool to the community.

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