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Category 2 Open Fire Ban

Effective on Friday, July 5th, 2024, a Category 2 open fire ban will be implemented throughout the Southeast Fire Centre, which includes the Elk Valley, South Country and the entire East Kootenay’s.

Anyone conducting a Category 2 fire anywhere in the Southeast Fire Centre’s jurisdiction must extinguish it by 1PM Friday, July 5th.

This prohibition will remain in place until Oct. 28, 2024 or until the public is otherwise notified. This prohibition does NOT include Category 1 campfires.

Starting July 5, the open fire ban prohibits the following:

• Burning of one or more brush piles

• Burning of stubble or grass

• Fireworks (no setting off fireworks of any kind)

• Sky Lanterns

• Binary Exploding Targets

• Burn Barrels or Burn Cages of any size or description

• Air Curtain Burners

This prohibition applies to all public and private land in the rural RDEK (electoral areas). If you live in an incorporated municipality, you should check with your municipal office to see if additional bylaws apply.

Category 2 Open Fire Ban

Campfires – which are category 1 – ARE STILL ALLOWED at this time under the following conditions:

• They must be no larger than 0.5m high by 0.5m wide

• You must have a fuel break around the fire

• You are equipped with water or a hand tool

Never leave a campfire unattended and ensure it is fully extinguished and cool to the touch before leaving the area.

Temperatures are expected to be well into the mid-thirties over the next few days, and although it will cool down somewhat at night, there is a higher risk of heat-related illness as these first HOT days of summer set in. People over 65, those with multiple health conditions or medications, people who use substances, those who are pregnant, and infants and young children are particularly susceptible.

The best way to prevent getting sick is to try to stay cool – several communities have cooling areas like libraries, arenas, etc that act as cooling centres in hot weather.

To report a wildfire, unattended campfire or open burning violation, call 1-800-663-5555 toll-free or *5555 on a cellphone. They also have an app with an excellent reporting tool. It’s a great one to have one your mobile device.

For the latest information on current wildfire activity, burning restrictions, road closures and air-quality advisories, visit:

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