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The avalanche danger in the Fernie region is perhaps the most dangerous in years.   It is a season to listen carefully to the Canadian Avalanche Association and have a realistic definition of what “backountry experience” means.  Here is the latest CAA report:

The Canadian Avalanche Association has issued a Special Avalanche Warning  for large portions of BC and part of SW Alberta including this forecast region.  Travel Advice –  Poor, Not Recommended

Guidance for amateur recreation: Avalanches are occurring frequently.  Inappropriate conditions for backcountry travel without extensive avalanche training and experience.

If you travel in the backcountry be really, really careful. The Avalanche Activity and Snowpack sections of this forecast paint the picture. The Weather section suggests why avalanche danger will increase: snow hates rapid loading by a bunch of new wind driven snow. It also hates rapid loading by riders – skiing, boarding, & sledding can easily stress this snowpack beyond its strength. Rider triggered avalanches remain probable, if not likely. Don’t be tricked by the Considerable danger rating, even if there aren’t natural avalanches you don’t want to mess with this snowpack. Think of it like a minefield – there are lots of trigger points (landmines), they’re sensitive (easy to detonate), and avalanches can be big (large bombs). If you choose to ride in the backcountry, please stick to low angle slopes well away from avalanche terrain.

How much experience do the kids in the following picture have?  Unfortunately they have similar training as some who travel in the backcountry and call themselves experienced.  Lets be safe out there!


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