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Wildsight Gives 100 Ways to Spend $100 Climate Action Dividend
Reducing Climate Change and Contributing to Community the Central Goals

There are a million great ways to make a positive difference with your upcoming $100 Climate Action Dividend from the government. It’s hard to decide where to start, so Wildsight is providing 100 fun and easy ways – one for each dollar.

Part of the B.C. Carbon Tax, the provincial government will be giving every B.C. citizen $100 as a Climate Action Dividend in June. Wildsight has developed a list of 100 ways to best spend this dividend to reduce energy use and make our communities better.

“This is a great opportunity for B.C. residents to put this money into action and make it work towards reducing energy use and climate change,” says Wildsight Executive Director John Bergenske. “There are lots of everyday little things we can all do to help this effort. Our list will help people find out what they are.”

For example, try out these helpful tips: 16. Renovating your bathroom? Put $100 towards a low-flush or dual-flush toilet; 19. Buy an insulating blanket for your hot water tank. Or better yet, put $100 towards an on-demand water heater; 54. Try a cooking class that teaches the best ways to use local produce; 64. Purchase a bunch of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood and build something; 70. Buy new hiking boots and go climb a hill – it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, just get out there!

Wildsight is encouraging Kootenay citizens to visit to see the entire list and to get some great ideas about making a positive difference.

“It’s too bad the government isn’t giving us each a million dollars, but their pledge towards addressing climate change is a good first step,” says Bergenske. “Now, the real change starts with everybody doing their part.”

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