No Mow May is here!


Join Wildsight for NO MOW MAY 2022, win prizes and save some bees and other important pollinators!

THE CHALLENGE: Choose NOT to mow your lawn for the month, allowing dandelions and other wildflowers to grow freely for the bees. Flowers in your yard can provide vital pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinators. Until summer hits, wildflowers are in low supply and our yards can provide a much-needed source for the bees to thrive.
COLOURING CONTEST: Get the kids involved – or demonstrate your own coloring abilities. Download the b&w poster (or make your own!). Once colored in, put the poster in your window to tell your neighbors why you aren’t mowing your lawn for the month of May, or bring it to Local at 632 2nd Ave to be posted in the store window.

PHOTO CONTEST: Take a photo of your beautiful unmown lawn. Post your photo to Facebook on the No Mow May Fernie 2022 event page. Or tag us on Instagram @elkvalleywildsight.

PRIZES: Local gift cards will be awarded to winners of the coloring contest and photo contest. A total of $100 in gift cards are available to win. Submit your entry by May 31st, 2022 for a chance to win a gift card to Local. Winners will be drawn on June 1st, 2022!

WHY STOP AT THE END OF MAY? Consider choosing areas of your lawn to let grow out all summer long.

DOES A NO MOW LAWN LOOK UNTIDY? Visit the Fernie Community EcoGarden throughout the year to explore what a No Mow Lawn looks like. The EcoGarden doesn’t mow in May. For the rest of the summer, the EcoGarden chooses to mow sections of the garden. You will see certain areas of the EcoGarden are not mown and kept wild, like the edges of the garden or along select fence lines. Here you will see red clover, white clover, self-heal and other naturalized plants flowering.

ARE DANDELIONS BAD? Dandelions are one of the earliest flowers for bees. Dandelions were originally brought to North America as food. Every part of a dandelion is edible and nutritious (as long as it is unsprayed). You will find that dandelions push to flower in the spring, once they bloom the plant does not continue blooming but instead puts its energy into its roots & leaves. The dandelion root helps bring up nutrients from deeper in the soil.

LEARN MORE: Join PlantLife to learn more and participate in their Every Flower Counts event after participating in No Mow May at Like the EcoGarden and Wildsight Elk Valley Facebook and Instagram pages. Become a lifetime member of the Wildsight Elk Valley Branch for just $20.

NOTE: Even thought the Facebook events ends on May 15th, the event still runs throughout the month of May. Facebook just doesn’t allow events longer than 2 weeks.

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