Indie Films Fernie - Maudie


Indie Films Fernie screens unique Independent Films at the Vogue Theatre on the first Sunday of every month from September to April.

Maudie (Canada/Ireland) is an inspirational, based-on-fact tale of a young artist whose talent and determination allowed her to surmount the obstacles in her way. Constrained by the effects of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and sheltered by her overprotective family, Maud is determined to prove her independence. She sets out to make her own way in the world and pursue her passion for art when she answers an ad for a live-in housekeeper for the reclusive Everett Lewis. However, her artistic skills quickly eclipse her domestic duties. With the encouragement of one of Everett’s customers, Maud begins selling her cards and paintings and word of her talents spreads far beyond Nova Scotia.

You can also buy a four film pass for the full fall series here.

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