Furious 3


The Furious3 Mountain Bike Race is a three day, multi-staged event that is for anyone interested in an epic mountain bike adventure. Your day starts and finishes in the City of Fernie amidst beautiful scenery and fabulous hospitality. The format of the Furious 3 lends itself to a friends and family oriented event. What does that mean you ask? Well – your supporters can cheer you on throughout the days challenge. Once they’ve watched you ride out of sight they can either go out on the course and support you at various course lookouts or enjoy some time hiking, biking, golfing, white water rafting, shopping or whatever their hearts desire. And, with time to spare they can welcome you at the finish line as you collapse to the ground with a permanent smile on your face.

With Fernie as the host of Furious3 you have many, many accommodation and dining options to choose from. Whether you are roughing it at Fernie Mountain Provincial Campground or staying at a 4-star hotel. Maybe its eating hot dogs cooked over a campfire or dining at one of the many establishments that Fernie has to offer – or perhaps anything in between. The choices are yours to make. Bottom line, you make the Furious 3 experience whatever you want it to be.

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