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Earth Day Event: Pick Up For A Plant And Our Planet


The Fernie Heritage Library is looking to create an eyesore of piled trash bags in their garden – which will be disposed of thoughtfully after display.

With the largest civic observance in the world, Earth Day attracts over 1 billion people yearly who are dedicated to furthering climate action.

They want your help making this pile as big and gross as possible, a visual display to deter littering.

This is how it works:
1. If you need gloves and bags pick up from the library, April 20-24.
2. Clean up around the Fernie area this week.
3. On Saturday, 24 April, bring the bag of trash you collected to the Library garden.
4. In exchange for a bag of trash, helpers will be given an activity bag including a seed matching game, pea seeds, and a bee-friendly flower seedling to take home and plant, courtesy of Elk Valley Wildsight’s EcoGarden.

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