Kids benefit from outdoor play and adventures in the mountains. That Mountain Life shares outdoor adventure content by a dad who has a passion for spending time outside and learning the art of creating videos. These vlogs follow a family of five throughout their outdoor adventures and daily rhythms of small-town mountain living where outdoor activities are made top priority.

These videos are created with the purpose of entertaining viewers and inspiring others to get kids outside while at the same time exploring some of the values and perspectives the mountains can give both children and parents.

That Mountain Life is created by Erich Leidums, a parent who has a passion for outdoor adventure and for learning how to create engaging video content. Erich’s vlogs are designed to entertain and inspire other people to get their kids outside.

That Mountain Life illustrates what life is like living the small-town mountain lifestyle when you make play and adventure top priority. Kids benefit by spending time outside, learning to manage risk, gaining self-confidence and resiliency along the way. You can follow along the journey of That Mountain Life here:

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