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I’m writing to you today because we need your help to protect our wildlife, water, plants and the wild spaces that support them. This is a critical moment. All around the world, people have been standing up, raising their voices to demand real climate action from our leaders and governments. It has been inspiring to see people working together to demand meaningful change.

You can help create change too. Will you give $40 today and stand up for the wildlife and wild places you hold dear? Protecting and connecting habitat in your own backyard makes a difference not only where you live, but has ripple effects across Canada and the entire continent. We are all in this together.

Our region’s connected wild systems have been rated by scientists as one of the best places on the planet to weather the impacts of climate change. But not if we let our remaining intact wilderness be cut up into pieces. Not if we don’t stand up for wildlife and wild spaces, connecting crucial habitat in all directions. Will you donate $40 today to fight for our intact wild ecosystems—to fight for our natural world?

Your $40 gift will help protect important habitat in the Purcells and Southern Rockies and keep it connected to wild places across the continent. Without connected habitat, wildlife cannot move across the landscape. Without intact wilderness, we have no chance of dealing with the effects created by climate change.

The only way we can create hope in these often depressing times is to take action; to be inspired by those who are taking action all around us. Together we can make a difference. It’s up to us.

Give today for Wildlife and Wild Places HERE

For the Wild,
John Bergenske
Conservation Director, Wildsight

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