Following the successful completion of the business retention and expansion reports, the Elk Valley Economic Initiative (EVEI) has published four community profiles, one for the Elk Valley, and three supporting documents for the communities of Fernie, Sparwood, and Elkford. Local businesses, community groups, and individuals can use these profiles to assist with workforce attraction, investment attraction, and to learn more about the Elk Valley.

Download the Fernie profile here.

The profiles are focused on highlighting positive community aspects and promoting the Elk Valley as a place to live, work and play. There are multiple sections in each profile, outlining key information on areas such as: reasons to live here, the current labour force, top industry sectors, business growth & climate, and outdoor recreation opportunities. Each section of the profiles contains relevant data and information to assist local businesses and potential long-term residents to begin a career here. There are over 25 sources and 50 data calculations in the profiles, bringing together all pertinent information for the Elk Valley and each community.

Taylor Jenkins, the EVEI representative responsible for the profiles stated, “I designed the profiles with a focus on workforce attraction to help local businesses. They were originally slated to be investment profiles, and while the documents include all relevant information for investment attraction, the business retention & expansion data provided by local businesses showed we need to focus on workforce attraction and housing first.”
There has never been a community profile for the Elk Valley before. The EVEI hopes it is the first step, along with the 2021 Elk Valley BRE report, in presenting a unified front to address the key community issues that are affecting the whole Elk Valley. This can be accomplished through community centered economic development, focused on improving the economic wellbeing and quality of life of the community.

The community profiles came to fruition via a funding grant from ETSI-BC (Economic Trust of the Southern Interior) with support from the Province of British Columbia.

You can find all the profiles online at:

The Elk Valley Economic Initiative (EVEI) was formally established in 2013 to collaboratively develop regional economic development projects and initiatives in the Elk Valley towards the improvement of the region’s economy. In addition, it aims to increase the number of permanent, full-time residents who spend their money locally thereby contributing to the region’s sustainability.
The EVEI has eight voting seats representing the District of Elkford, the Elkford Chamber of Commerce, the District of Sparwood, the Sparwood Chamber of Commerce, the City of Fernie, the Fernie Chamber of Commerce, Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi ‘it (Tobacco Plains) First Nation, and Teck as the industry partner. The EVEI is supported by representatives from the BC Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation, Community Futures East Kootenay, Columbia Basin Trust, and the Economic Trust of the Southern Interior.
The EVEI will champion, support and articulate opportunities for projects and initiatives while creating a network and increasing communications among individuals and organizations involved in economic development.

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