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The RDEK voted today to support funding for Angel Flight East Kootenay, a volunteer run charity providing air transportation for residents of the East Kootenay to medical appointments in Kelowna. The funding commitment is for $100,000 per year for five years.

This past week Angel Flight was grounded for two days and unable to transport patients because of a 50 kmh head wind. The new funding will provide the volunteers with a twin engine plane that will facilitate flying in more adverse conditions.

Angel Flight’s mission is to fly fully ambulatory cancer patients and children with incommunicable diseases with their caregivers from the East Kootenay to treatment centres in Kelowna.

Currently, patients must make the over 600 km drive or take a commercial flight. Angel Flight East Kootenay is piloted by licensed volunteers with years of experience.

Thank you to the volunteers who make Angel Flight happen and to our politicians who supported the funding!

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