No doubt about it, driving a vehicle costs money and causes pollution. But by ‘greening up your car’, you’ll be able to reduce emissions and save a little ‘green’ at the pumps.

Come out to Wildsight’s ‘Green Your Ride’ event on Thursday May 22nd @ 7pm at David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere. You’ll learn how to reduce pollution and save money by improving the efficiency of your vehicle.

“The evening will offer something for every current and soon-to-be driver interested in curbing vehicle emissions and improving fuel efficiency,” says Wildsight Program Facilitator Amanda Fedrigo.

Presented in honour of National Clean Air Day on June 4th, the ‘Green Your Ride’ event will feature presentations from Mister Tire and the new East Kootenay Idle-Free Ambassador. As well, the event will feature a free screening of the documentary film, ‘End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion And The End Of The American Dream.’

According to the federal government’s Office of Energy Efficiency, a poorly maintained vehicle can cost up to 15% more to operate. With the proper maintenance, the average Canadian driver can save the equivalent of two weeks worth of free gas each year.

“There are simple things every driver can do to improve their vehicle’s efficiency to save money and reduce their emissions,” says Fedrigo. “This event is a perfect opportunity to learn a few new tips and have fun at the same time.”

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