The Flu shot and Influenza Vaccine are the same thing. If you are human and between the ages of 6 months and 100 years (or more) then you are eligible for this wonderful, FREE, annual vaccine that will help you ward off Influenza, or “the Flu”.

This common infectious disease can wreak havoc on our health care settings during the winter months. And frankly, we don’t need to add to the COVID pandemic strain. So do your part and get your flu shot.

Are you a health care worker? Yep, eligible.

Are you older than 50? Yep, eligible.

Are you suffering with a chronic disease? Yep, eligible.

Do you know anyone under the age of 5? Yep, eligible.

Do you know anyone in this abbreviated list? Yep, eligible.

You get the picture.

So, get your flu shot. Do your part. Book with your primary care provider, or local pharmacy, or phone public health for advice. Also — the flu vaccine does NOT give you the flu. If you get muscles aches and are a bit tired for 1-2 days, that’s because your immune system is working! It’s building an immune response to the vaccine to prevent you from getting the actual flu.

See more here:

Healthlink BC

BC Centre for Disease Control – ImmunizeBC

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