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Here is a drawing of the actual placement of the Miners Walk exhibit slated to be placed on City Hall grounds this coming summer.

Miners walk plan.skp

Fundraising is in full swing and to date three quarters of needed funding is in place. The steering committee is now addressing all businesses and individuals to ask for help participation by considering either a cash donation or by making a minimum donation of $50 to acquire a long lasting brick with the name of yourself or a loved one that will line the perimeter of this beautiful, interactive exhibit comprised of six stations with banners and signs and an unusual sculpture that tells the story of this area while acknowledging the importance of mining and miners past, present and future.

The miners walk society is requesting that all businesses and individuals consider making a small donation to the miners walk exhibit. donations made out to the “city of fernie” are tax deductible.

The exhibit work will begin shortly however financial goal is still short so the society is doing one last push to ask for community involvement and support. This exhibit will serve to honour miners past, present and future as well as honour forestry, tourism and our magnificent natural environment that all contribute to the economy and beauty of our area.

Members of the miners walk society have worked towards this goal for over seven years, this goal is now at reach, all that is needed is community support to show that this is indeed an exhibit that is appreciated and valued by everyone. Many organizations and businesses have already contributed, to those the society conveys their deepest appreciations, to those who have’nt as yet they ask to please show support because by doing so it’s not only contributing financially it’s also showing appreciation for the rich history of our area, for seniors living today that have contributed so much to this history and also to all of the people that call this place home and make it the wonderful place that it is to live.

Please show support for this amazing project that is educational, interactive, informative and sure to become a tourist attraction for it’s amazing artistic optical illusion.

Fernie and the Elk Valley have been a major player in the mining industry for over a century yet until now there hasn’t been anything visible to commemorate this very important factor that is the ecomomic backbone of life in the valley.

This exhibit is also a way of recognizing that Tourism plays an important part in the economic health of our area as do other resources and our great natural surroundings.

For further information please contact Mary Giuliano at 250 423-4009, or any member of the steering committee, Bob Morris, George Cockburn, Mary Loughery, Helen Bachlet, Mike Pennock, Tammy Molander.

Mary Giuliano on behalf of the steering committee.

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