Campaigns to support and promote local businesses within communities are increasingly becoming more popular, and forces in Fernie have joined this trend to help benefit our economy. The “think local first” campaign is off the ground and running in Fernie, working towards keeping the distinctive character Fernie is known for; the unique, chic shops that line the streets and avenues and make the town a destination for locals, second home owners and tourists.

The Chamber of Commerce, Advocates for Local Living and local businesses are the driving force behind this coalition. Retailers involved gain positive exposure in the community as they proclaim their community spirit and offer local shoppers discounts. Shoppers receive discounts by joining the “Think Local” campaign and visiting the participating businesses. All in all, it’s a great way to recycle revenue back into the local economy, to market the services offered locally in Fernie, and to keep the business centres thriving all year-round!

fernie shop local

As you stroll through the streets of Fernie this summer on a beautiful summer evening and notice a “Think Local” sticker in a shop window, stop in and discover what they have to offer. Fernie’s retailers have many treasures available, and the “think local first” campaign is proactively helping our community uncover them.

For more information on this campaign or to pick up your retailer or shopper kit, please visit the Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Centre, or the Cottonwood Tree or email

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