Jake Blauvelt ‘Naturally’ Coming to Fernie

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  • 15 October, 2013
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Jake Blauvelt ‘Naturally’, two years in the making, is coming to the Fernie Ski and Board Film Fest on November 9th.

Naturally—it’s a movie, a way of looking at the backcountry, and it’s a little how Jake Blauvelt leads his life, with fun and personal expression as the principle keys to happiness.

“Snowboarding is about having fun and being creative,” he says, “it’s not about doing the hugest air or the gnarliest line, but being creative with the terrain in front of you and riding with your friends. When we go out into the mountains, it’s about finding that balance between nature and snowboarding, as opposed to just going out and changing the terrain and trying to dominate it. It’s taking a little more of a Zen approach to snowboarding… and it’s also a good approach to life in general. Going with the ebb and flow of things and not constantly fighting the current.”

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