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Completely reimagined, from the ground up, the new Rocky Mountain Altitude is built for going fast in Fernie’s Rocky Mountains!

Rocky Mountain is stating that the all-new design makes the Altitude even faster than before. With increased stiffness and a lower centre of gravity, overall ride performance is leveled up. The new suspension designs linear rate curve provides a supportive and predictable feel with minimal unwanted movement or harshness. Mid to large-sized impacts are absorbed effectively without compromising speed or control.

Rocky Mountain Altitude

The LC2R™ suspension system is making it’s first appearance on the Altitude and promises to deliver superior climbing and descending. It was first introduced on the 2006 Slayer, and was found on later versions of the Slayer SXC and Slayer SS. The design was then adapted to the popular 2008 Flatline, and then the Flatline WC models.

Mark Hall, Gearhub Sports Manager, commented, “The Altitude has been Gearhub’s and Fernie’s most popular bike for the past decade and the new design will be more popular that ever. We have the new Altitude on the floor, drop by and see what’s in stock or order one today!”

Rémi Gauvin, Rocky Mountain Athlete, commented, “I’ve been riding iterations of the Altitude forthe last 10 years and this one is by far themost exciting yet. The evolution of the bikemakes it without a doubt the most capableit’s ever been, and I’ve never been more excited to take a bike to the races.”

Charge harder. Go faster. Ride more.