Fernie’s TransRockies Rescheduled for 2021

Fernie’s TransRockies Rescheduled for 2021

Fernie’s TransRockies events have been rescheduled for 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A few weeks ago the TransRockies shared their decision making criteria for proceeding with the remaining 2020 events on their calendar based on the covid-19 pandemic. Since that time, the British Columbia Government has released their restart plan which outlines the pace of return for all aspects of society. According to the BC Centre for Disease Control website:

At this time, all event organizers are ordered to limit all public gatherings larger than 50 people. This includes indoor and outdoor sporting events, conferences, meetings, concerts, religious gatherings or other similar events. See March 16th Order of the Provincial Health Officer.

The timing for a safe restart for activities requiring large gatherings is still to be determined as part of Phase four of BC’s Restart Plan. Opening will be conditional on at least one of the following: wide vaccination, “community immunity” or broad successful treatments.

The BC Restart Plan further states that Phase 3 will be in place until at least September and the timing for Phase 4 being undetermined. From a regulatory point of view it now appears clear that our Fernie event scheduled for September will not be able to proceed.

Aaron McConnell, President of TransRockies Race Series, wrote, ” While we are very sad that these events will not take place as planned in 2020, we also feel that it is in the best interest of our participants, crew and host communities as the world continues to battle the covid-19 pandemic. We know that gatherings can quickly become vectors for mass spread of this virus and there is much to learn about how endurance events can be safely operated in the absence of a vaccine. As racing slowly returns in other jurisdictions, we’ll be watching closely and learning more about the relative risk and best practices around hygiene and distancing.”

For registered participants of Singletrack 6 your entry will be automatically transferred to the 2021 event. If you have already cancelled your 2020 registration, you will need to re-register for the 2021 events when registration opens this fall. Updated waivers for the 2021 event will need to be signed – you will be sent a link to sign these online prior to the event. If you prefer to defer to 2022, you may do so by emailing registration@transrockies.com. there will be no refunds for these events, but if there is anything else, please do reach out. Contact Aaron McConnell directly at aaron@transrockies.com or at 403-860-9884.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and support in these difficult times. Bike racing will resume and here is next years program:

2021/22 TransRockies Race Series Fernie Calendar
Here are the provisional dates for the next couple of years:
TransRockies Singletrack 6: September 7-12, 2021 / July 14-20, 2022
New Cycling Event TBA: August 23-26, 2021 / August 22-25, 2022

Most of the 2021 events still have space available and registration will be re-launched later this year – stay tuned for updates!

Fernie Gravel Grind Postponed

Fernie Gravel Grind Postponed

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Cycling Canada has recommended that all events up to July 6th be cancelled or postponed. In cooperation with Cycling Canada, the Fernie Gravel Grind scheduled for June 20th will be postponed. It would not be prudent to maintain the original date for the gravel ride which would encourage highly inappropriate activities given these times. The return to group activity will be determined by the local and provincial health authorities. The Fernie Gravel Grind fully supports their efforts to minimize the impacts of Covid-19 and to ensure the health and safety of our community. If there is any sort of risk to the community during the future event, the event will be canceled entirely for 2020 and rescheduled for 202 1.

You can expect a clear decision mid-June on when and if the event will take place. Though an exact date has yet to be selected, the plan for the Fernie Gravel Grind is currently looking like late August. I’m staying optimistic that we will have a Fernie Gravel Grind this year in some capacity. Many options are being explored in the ways in which we can put on a socially distanced fundraiser event.

Obviously changing dates of an event is not ideal for anyone, so the Fernie Gravel Grind would like to give you some options as we navigate through these rough waters together.

1. Save the date.
Keep your registration and donations and plan to ride with us late August. If the pending date in August does not work for you, or it ends up being canceled all together, here are some more options.

2. Refund.

A 90% event refund is offered to all registrants, and a 100% refund to all donations by registrants. The remaining 10% is to cover registration fees and other event expenses already paid.

3. Donate.

Rather than asking for a refund, keep your registration as a donation to the Fernie Trails Alliance. All remaining proceeds will be donated directly to the FTA, regardless of the outcome this year.

This is not an easy time for any of us as I greatly appreciate your support and patience. If you would like a refund, please email carternieuwesteeg@icloud.com. But please keep in mind where your donations are going, regardless of the final outcome.

Better days are on the horizon, in the meantime ride safe and keep well.

Carter Nieuwesteeg
Event Director


Fernie Mountain Bike Club Update

Fernie Mountain Bike Club Update

Pandemic Response
April 26, 2020


We all hope that you are staying safe, healthy and positive. We want to thank-you for your previous and continued support throughout this Global Pandemic. As you know the Fernie Mountain Bike Club (FMBC) is all about events and so far 2020 is not looking very good for group gatherings. We have some good news and some sad news so let’s start with the sad news as it is always better to finish with good news.


The FMBC runs events and fundraises for the Fernie Trail Infrastructure. The monies raised from these events as well as membership fees go to the Fernie Trails Alliance who runs maintenance and negotiates land use agreements with landowners in the valley.

Here is a list of events that we normally put on:

Trail Razr V – cancelled

Bike Blitz II – cancelled

Little Critter Criterium – suspended

2Knee rides – suspended

FMBC Strider club – suspended

Fernie Women on Wheels – suspended

WAM BAM DIRT JUMP JAM – hmmm….cross our fingers?

Project 9 Race – see WBDJJ response

Dirt Diggler – wait and see

High Roller – all of the above?

Yep, we’re hoping that we’ll get the go ahead from Dr. Henry but we just don’t know what is going to happen for the 2020 bike season. In response to that uncertainty of our event schedule but also with full knowledge that our trails will need work we are launching a Temporary Pandemic Pass. $5 for families, individuals, seniors and youths. If you need the help then please take it, sign the waiver and come to our events. If nothing has changed for you then please renew at our regular rates. ($40 individuals, $90 families, $25 for seniors and youths). Purchasing your FMBC membership also gives you the new Fernie Trails Alliance Trail Pass that is being introduced this year.

There are so many unknowns and questions at this point. Should we even be riding our mountain bikes during a pandemic? Is it responsible to put ourselves in harms way when hospitals and healthcare workers are stressed? Is it exercise or a hobby? There is no doubt that accidents do happen to the most skilled riders so the FMBC encourages all riders to #stayhome, practice social distancing and wash your hands about a bazillion times a day and try to flatten the curve.

If you do ride your bike, ride well below your comfort level and ride near home (ideally, this should mean not driving anywhere to ride). When encountering others on the trail, be kind and allow lots of distance.


As mentioned above your FMBC board has voted to introduce a Temporary Pandemic Pass for those of us who have been financially hit. We want you to renew just in case we do get to run some events this summer/fall. We encourage those who can afford to do so to make donations over the membership fee but we want to be as inclusive as we can during this time.

Regarding Corporate Memberships, we had 28 membership sales last year, which was our best year ever. This year we had a few eager businesses renew early. Big Bang Bagel, Claris Media, Red Tree Lodge, Tourism Fernie, and Rocky Mountain Optometry have all renewed. We have offered a refund or partial refund for these businesses. If you supported us last year then please do not feel like you need to do it again this year as we know that money is tight. We have also put together a new $100 Corporate Pass for 2020 which can be purchased on the FMBC website.

Usually we have our ever popular Annual General Meeting during the Bike Blitz but in seeing that we have cancelled that event then we need to move the AGM. We hope the September 2020 High Roller will be the place where we hold the Annual General Meeting. If not, then we will look at other online options.

We have had a few directors step down and new ones step up. Thank you to Heather Lavers, Aaron Glover, Tom Gibson and Rick Weiss for all their help in the past. Welcome to our interim directors Dustin Denham, Cindy Sleeman and Jennifer Sliva.

In February 2020 we voted on supporting the Fernie Trails Alliance with a $10,000 donation. We didn’t take any pictures or post anything as we were waiting for everyone to get together for a group shot….whoops! Here is a cheque handing over pic from our Trail Razr IV. With your support we sent over $50K to the Fernie Trails Alliance in 2019.


Thanks for your previous support and for your support in the future. We all look forward to the day when life can return to ‘normal’ and we can just ride our bikes with our friends.

On behalf of the FMBC board of directors…

Troy Nixon

FMBC Chair

2020 TransRockies Singletrack 6 Rescheduled

2020 TransRockies Singletrack 6 Rescheduled

In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, TransRockies has taken the unprecedented step of rescheduling Singletrack 6 to September. This decision made in consultation with host communities, participants, and health authorities. It now appears that the original June dates would be impossible for our communities to accommodate and for many of our participants to travel.

The 2020 TransRockies Singletrack 6 will now take place on the following dates:

September 8-9: Rossland, BC
September 10-11: Kimberley, BC
September 12-13: Fernie, BC

Note that the direction of travel has now been reversed, starting in Rossland and finishing in Fernie, to accommodate pre-scheduled events in the host communities. Fernie will be the finish community and host the athletes for two stages and three nights. Fernie stage details have yet to be defined, details will be coming.

Registration details:
Your registration has been automatically transferred to the new dates, but realize that these are difficult circumstances for our participants and it may be challenging to change their plans to accommodate the new dates. Flexible change options have been offered in light of this. If you cannot make the new dates these are your options:

– Rollover you registration to 2021 or 2022 Singletrack 6.
– We will waive the administration fee if you need to rollover your credit. Proposed 2021 dates are July 15-20 but have not been finalized yet.
– Transfer your registration to someone else. Administration fee for this transfer waived.
– Transfer your registration credit to another TransRockies event for 2020 or 2021 (for you or someone else).

If you wish to take advantage of any of these options please email registration@transrockies.com. Please do this as soon as you can but no later than August 8, 2020. Please note that the final balance payment scheduled to be charged on March 30th will not be charged until July 1, 2020. They will be keeping the 250 person field limit in effect until event restrictions are lifted – registration spots are currently still available for the September 8-13 event. Unfortunately, TRI is not able to offer refunds.

Fernie Gravel Grind

Fernie Gravel Grind

The Fernie Gravel Grind is a new bike event happening on June 20, 2020 that will showcase Fernie’s great gravel rides and raises funds for Fernie Trails.

Ride for fun, ride for the trails. This is a fondo-style fundraising event with all proceeds going to the Fernie Trails Alliance, and it’s not a race.

Local rider Carter Nieuwesteeg is the organizer of this event and he knows a good ride and has a genuine interest in giving back to what has made his life so cycle focus. The theme “Ride for fun, ride for the trails” exemplifies Carter’s spirit for riding and appreciation of the Fernie environment that propelled him into being an elite racer. Carter’s dad Jerry is behind the Highline 100, Fernie’s annual century ride, and has been a big influence in his cycling career.

Jerry and Carter Nieuwesteeg

Industry has its benefits including creating one of the greatest gravel network of roads in British Columbia. Fernie’s logging and mining activities have created endless gravel rides that have little or no traffic and offer excellent scenery and wildlife sightings. Safety concerns and tranquility have have been transforming many road riders to gravel grinders and this new adventure experience.

Fernie Trails and managed by the Fernie Trails Alliance and all proceeds will help support their efforts to maintain responsible non-motorized trail access on Crown lands and private lands in the Fernie area. A sustainable trail system that contributes to a vibrant, healthy community and the hardworking volunteers need your support.

The Gravel Grind ride will consist of loops through the backcountry starting in Fernie. To be inclusive there will be a 30km, 80km and120km options. The routes will be announced one week prior to the event. There will be no route markings; turn-by-turn directions will be available for download onto a cycling computer and physical copies of the map will also be provided on the day of the event. It’s not a race, there will be no timing—ride at your own pace for the love of the trails!

All bike types are welcome, a cross-country mountain bike or gravel bike is recommended, a standard road bike will not be suitable for the gravel.

This adventure ride has limited registrations, so you best register now before the event is full.

Registration is $50 which gets you:
1. A pre-ride coffee thanks to Rooftop Coffee Roasters.
2. A well stocked feed station.
3. A post ride beverage at the Kodiak Lounge thanks to the Raging Elk Hostel.
4. One kick ass day on the bike and all the warm and fuzzy feelings from donating to a good cause (and so many Strava kudos).

There are $25, $50, and $100 add-ons at registration if you are feeling extra generous and want to show some extra love for the FTA (remember trails don’t build themselves).


About Carter Nieuwesteeg
Born: Jan 1, 1997
Age: 23
From: Fernie BC
Currently living: Victoria, BC.
Disciplines: Cross Country and Cyclocross.
Education: Studying Economics at the University of Victoria (Graduation: 2020, BA Economics). I chose UVic because if there’s one place to get better at biking, its on the island.
Team: Santa Cruz Bicycles Trade Team
First Race Ever: Fernie 3, 2014 .
Years Racing: 6 (this will be my 4th year racing for Santa Cruz Bicycles).
Coach: Keith Wilson
Training locations: I have been doing all of my winter training in Victoria while studying at UVic, I come home each summer in between races. Luckily a lot of my friends at school are also elite racers, so its a pretty unique case to have buddies I can study with and then go hammer bikes together.
Favourite Bike: Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy
Favourite Trail: Hyper Ventilation
2020 Event Schedule:
– Whiskey 50
– TransRockies Singletrack 6
– Fernie Gravel Grind
– BC Bike Race
– Downieville Classic
– Canadian Marathon and Cyclocross Championships
– Yak Attack
Interests outside of biking: Fly fishing, downhill skiing, eating ice cream, and organizing the Fernie Gravel Grind.
Who got me into biking: My Dad when I was 6 or 7 years old by dragging me up to the top of Dem Bones in the Fernie Provincial Park. I hated the climb but always forgot about it after the fun descent.

Born and raised in Fernie BC and I grew up riding the local trails since as long as I can remember. My love for riding the trails in my backyard gradually transformed into a passion for racing and the sport as a whole. Cycling has become more than just a part of my life, its determined where I chose to pursue my post-secondary education, how I’ve met some of my closest friends, brought me closer with my family, and the reason why I so heavily believe in giving back to my community.