Sherpas take Accolades at 2011 Fernie Film Fest

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  • 10 December, 2011
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The Sherpas Cinema were awarded the “Peoples Choice” and “Best Film” at the 2011 Fernie Ski and Board Film Fest.

The Sherpas Cinema are all about youthful creativity where originality meets award-winning experience. The use of cutting edge filmmaking techniques, inventive animation and graphic design, intimate character development and detailed audio design are coupled with years of multifaceted mountain experience and savvy. Their films have been heralded as the best of their kind and have toured the globe with worldwide accolade winning numerous awards.

There philosophy is as very accurate and clearly depicts the direction of All I Can;

“The time has come for a ski film that stands for something. Join us as we unite spectacular cinematography with creative cinematic language to fuse our passion for skiing with our potential to help the environment. In bringing the planet to life and drawing parallels between our daily existence, we find common ground between the global situation and the real individual. Epic natural cinematography, ground breaking skiing from Chile to Greenland, and an environmental engagement that creates an accessible identification point for the viewer, leaving them with an inspiring new perspective.”

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