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Cumulative Effects Management Framework Open House


The Cumulative Effects Management Framework (CEMF) Open House Reveals a New Tool To Monitor Cumulative Effects.

Since 2012, the Elk Valley CEMF Working Group, made up of Ktunaxa First Nations, industry, governments, and community, has assessed the current condition of four valued components (VC’s) that can be measured and that people can understand. The 4 VC’s agreed upon through consensus are: grizzly bear, riparian habitat/Westslope cutthroat trout, bighorn sheep, and old/mature forest.

Based on past and current tools such as maps and global information system (GIS), CEMF has assessed the current state of these living VC’s using indicators like density of roads and stream crossings. Based on the past and rate of change over time, CEMF can model future development scenarios to explore potential cumulative effects. The model can also explore specific strategies to avoid, reduce or manage cumulative human impacts on the four VCs.

Dr. Bram Noble, an expert from the University of Saskatchewan, will present the opportunities and challenges of implementing a cumulative effects-based strategy. Activities at the Open House will help community better understand the scope and usefulness of this innovative new decision-making tool.

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