Fernie was selected by writer Jennifer Cuellar as the the best small town in BC in an article for Expedia. The article chose the best small town in each Canadian province and the list is impressive. Here is what Cuellar wrote:

Best Small Town in Every Province

Monday mornings: The pop of your spine as you stretch awake, the bitter aftertaste of breakroom coffee grinds, and the surprise reminders of meetings you forgot you accepted. Isn’t it time to embrace those PTO days? There’s an outside world ready to be unspooled by your own curiosity. So, go! And if you need suggestions for which places to add on your to-do list, we know some top small towns you can’t miss.

We searched every province for places that offer a range of welcoming charm, unique festivals, historical significance, and rigorous activities. Plus, to keep things fair, we kept our selections under a 6,000-person population size. Ready? These are the best small Canadian towns to explore in each province.

Fernie, British Columbia

How can you not be in a good mood when you’re walking around a city named Fernie? This small town in British Columbia has all the charm you’d hope for in a place surrounded by forest. With pine-scented air, wooden signs swinging lightly in the breeze, and cafes where you’ll find swirls of cream inside freshly brewed cups of coffee, this place is serenity personified.

Historic downtown – Downtown Fernie along 2nd Avenue is where you’ll find classic 1900s brick buildings that now host a swath of locally owned cafes and boutiques.
Beanpod – Peer through the looking glass as famous Fernie chocolate bars are made, and allow the sweet aromas to draw you inside the shop. Varieties include honeycomb milk chocolate, dark chocolate mint, and white chocolate with macadamia nuts and cranberries.
Fernie Brewing Co. – Want to stop in for a beer? Sure, you can do that. Or you can take the Fernie Brewing Co.’s “Trail to Ale” challenge. This is where you hit the summits of three peaks, whether by foot or bike, in 24 hours (and yes, you need time-stamped photos next to the Trail to Ale signs for proof). Once you’ve completed the task, head to the brewery and get a reward of a pint and medal.

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